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Microsoft SIP Processing Language (MSPL) is a great way to extend the possibilities of Lync, and there are plenty of resources available to help you get started.

I recently talked about MSPL during a training, and was asked to share the example I demoed. Originally it was used as a work around for the ringback issue as explained in It also shows a way to document the changes made from within PowerShell.


On a FrontEnd server:

  • Create a folder MSPL with subfolder Support and copy the file to the MSPL folder.
  • In adjust the appUri to the URI used in the configuration,, (the default names could be used, but this prevents confusion).

In the Lync Server Management Shell:

  • Use Start-Transript to log your actions.
  • Backup the current configuration: Export-CsConfiguration -FileName
  • Optional: Use Get-CSServerApplication to check which applications are currently configured. Get-CsServerApplication -Filter “service:**” > C:MSPLSupportApplications01.txt

Next check the priority of the UserServices because this application needs to have a higher priority than UserServices.

  • Get-CsServerApplication -Filter “”

Identity   :

Priority   : 3

Uri        :

Name       : UserServices

Enabled    : True

Critical   : True

ScriptName :

Next create the application with the New-CsServerApplication commandlet with the priority of the UserServices (3 in this case). This results in a priority of 4 for the UserServices.

  • New-CsServerApplication -Identity “” -Uri -Critical $False -Enabled $True -Priority 3 -ScriptName “”

Identity   :

Priority   : 3

Uri        :

Name       : RespondWithRinging

Enabled    : True

Critical   : False

ScriptName :

  • Optional: Use Get-CSServerApplication again to check which applications are currently configured. Get-CsServerApplication -Filter “service:**” > C:MSPLSupportApplications02.txt
  • Check Lync eventlog for event id’s 30803 and 30208.


Loading application – ‘’


Lync Server application has successfully registered.

Application Uri

  • To compile the application: Stop-CsWindowsService and Start-CsWindowsService.
  • Stop-Transcript to stop logging.

MSPL Resources:

Lync team blog article about MSPL:

RingBack resources: (source for this workaround)

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