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  1. Simon Feng

    Hi Steven,

    I am quite interesting your article about certificates in Lync Server. I am facing a problem, it is working fine in my deployment when I using Private certificate. but after install public certificate (godaddy), will cause external user A/V issue (looks like no connection, network error).

    Could you please explain something more about what is the best practice on installing certificate in a lync deployment.

    My current way is generate CSR from Exchange server SN:, SAN: include all the sub domain for lync servers , then import to frontend and edge server.


    1. Steven van Houttum Post author

      Hi Simon,

      Sorry for the late reply, I missed your comment!
      I would recommend to use the Lync deployment wizard for generating certificate requests.
      If you have an internal CA you can submit the request directly, for external certificates (such as Edge) you can generate an offline request and use that to get a certificate from godaddy.



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