Lync Network Readiness Training

By | March 5, 2014

How does the network impact Lync, and how does Lync impact the network? That is important to know before you start deploying Lync.

To prepare for this, Microsoft has recently released Course 20335, Lync Network Readiness Assesment. This course helps to prepare for  the exam 74-335: Network Readiness and Assessment for Lync, part of the new Microsoft Communications Gold Partner requirements.

It covers the network assessment procedure, with a Network Assessment Report as end result of the labs. The training is also very practical with troubleshooting and diagnostic tools, traffic simulation, Microsoft tools and guidance, and by using emulation tools see what the impact of network related issues are for Lync and how to plan to avoid those issues.

If you want to attend a training delivered my me  you can contact me directly, the next scheduled delivery is in March in The Netherlands


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