Skype for Business client released on April 14th.

Skype for Business client will be part of the Office 2013 updates, scheduled for April 14th. This client can be used with either a Lync or Skype for Business user interface. Clients running against an on premises Lync Server will default to the Lync interface, Lync online users will default to the Skype interface. The… Read More »

Review: Sennheiser Speakerphone SP 20 ML

Sennheiser is well know for their high quality audio products and also has quite a few Lync qualified devices. Mostly headsets, but there are also two qualified USB speakerphones, the SP 10 ML and SP 20 ML. Connectivity: The difference between the two versions is that the SP 20 also has a jack cable, very convenient if you want to… Read More »

Telephony terms explained: Erlang & Erlang B

Erlang (E), a unit used for telephony sizing, is named after the Danish mathematician and engineer A.K. Erlang. Erlang is the amount of traffic per hour (number of calls x average call duration). So if you would have 40 calls per hour with an average duration of 3 minutes, that would give you 40 x 3 = 120… Read More »

Resources for TechEd Europe session on Lync & Certificates (OFC-B311)

These are the websites mentioned in my TechEd Europe session about Lync & Certificates.   Troubleshooting tools: Troubleshooting TLS1.2 and Certificate Issue with Microsoft Message Analyzer: A Real World Example Fiddler Microsoft Message Analyzer Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Debugging Tools Msdiagnostics: Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer:   Troubleshooting scenario’s: Event IDs 32402, 61045 are… Read More »

How to automatically add contacts to the Lync contact list.

The best contact list is created by the user themselves, but sometimes customers ask for a pre-populated Lync contact list. The only fully by Microsoft supported solution uses the team members from AD and adds them as contacts to a user’s contact list with “Set-CsPrivacyConfiguration -Identity Global -AutoInitiateContact $True”, You can also use Exchange… Read More »

What is a Session Border Controller (SBC) and Do I Need It? (repost)

This article has been published before on the now deprecated NextHop. I still get a lot of responses, so reposting to ensure that is stays available.   This article discusses the functionality of Session Border Controllers, including scenarios where they can be used and how they can be implemented.   A Session Border Controller (SBC) can be used… Read More »

Lync Phone Edition August 2014 Update – Phone Lock specifics.

Microsoft has released an update for the Lync Phone Edition phones, “August 2014 Cumulative Update for Lync Phone Edition for Polycom CX500, Polycom CX600, and Polycom CX3000 (KB2988181)”: Aastra, HP, CX700/8540 updates are also available. This will also change the lock behaviour on phones, as per “The lock feature does not prevent users from… Read More »

Lync Network Readiness Training

How does the network impact Lync, and how does Lync impact the network? That is important to know before you start deploying Lync. To prepare for this, Microsoft has recently released Course 20335, Lync Network Readiness Assesment. This course helps to prepare for  the exam 74-335: Network Readiness and Assessment for Lync, part of the… Read More »

Ready for Lync Conference!

Happy to be at LyncConf next week with two sessions, an instructor led lab, Deploying and Configuring Lync Edge Server 2013 and What’s new in Partner Hosting The Partner Hosting session will provide an overview of the options for Partner hosting, best practices and recent developments. Microsoft’s Roy King and Clinton Dickey are available… Read More »

Check out the new Lync Solutions Catalog

The Lync Solutions Catalog comes with a hardware and an apps section. This provides an easier to view and navigate overview of qualified devices and apps compared to the interop site. Check it out at: